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24/7 Fat Loss Review

The 24 7 Fatloss Diet was designed by two fitness experts, Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne. Each brought their individual strengths to bear in this unusual combination of diet manipulation and metabolism-altering exercise.

Although the diet works, it has its unorthodoxy, and demands a commitment that is probably beyond the average dieter.

24 7 Fatloss System

Like most diets, the 24 7 Fatloss System takes a two pronged approach to weight loss. The first step is adjusting your intake of your diet components in order to enhance the effect of different types of food on your body's fat storage.

The main principle of this aspect of the diet is that if you take in fat in combination with carbohydrates you increase fat storage, but if you only take in carbohydrates with protein, and do so in a way that restricts the carbs to providing needed energy after a tough workout, the carbs won't convert to insulin.

The other way that the diet impacts your body's workings is by controlling dips in metabolism; because the body tends to lower metabolism in response to a decrease in caloric intake, the 24 7 Fatloss diet adds in a series of Cheat Days that its authors claim will boost metabolism back to its original level.

The other side to the 24 7 Fatloss diet manipulates exercise by working your muscles to the brink of exhaustion without allowing for a sufficient cardiovascular recovery. Marion and Ballantyne claim that this lack of recovery forces your muscles into a hyperdrive state, burning fat for a full 48 hours after the workout.

24 7 Fatloss Diet

The 24 7 Fatloss Diet provides a diet manual that spells out the details of hormonal control that the diet attempts. The three main points of the nutritional side of the diet are what Marion and Ballantyne term Optimized Nutrient Combining, Carb Syncing and Strategic Overfeeding.

Although at first glance these aspects seem to make sense and the carb-loading in the morning is based in nutritional science, the idea of purposely overeating in order to drive metabolism back up seems overdone, particularly when viewed in combination with the extreme metabolic overdrive that the exercise program claims.

The claim that one week of dieting drops metabolism down to fifty percent may be factual, but certainly can't be the case if you are committed to the extreme level of training that the diet is also prescribing.

24 7 Fatloss Workouts

This 24 7 Fatloss workout relies heavily on resistance training; the emphasis is on stressing the muscle without allowing for cardiovascular recovery, and the training manual and exercise database provides excellent support and examples of the proper form for performing these exercises.

But the lack of extended cardiovascular workouts is a weak spot; the diet could be strengthened by providing more balance, perhaps with high impact cardio that would accomplish a similar extended burn.


The cost for this diet is a bit higher than most, probably because it provides an extensive amount of supporting documentation.

The diet and training manual and exercise database are all well worth it, but the 24 hour fat loss timeline seems a bit over the top, especially since even if one sticks to the diet to an exacting degree, all bodies react differently, and providing expectations that may be unrealistic can easily derail a dieter.


24 7 Fat Loss Review