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Fatloss4idiots Review

The Fatloss4idiots diet, which is also known as Weight Loss 4 Idiots, is a strictly nutritionally based program with no exercise plan.

The diet is available as an online download, and its focus is on combining certain foods in specific combinations in order to trick the body into running at a higher metabolic rate than usual. This process is referred to as calorie shifting.

Although it makes recommendations about staying fit and encourages brisk walking, this weight loss program is different from many of the most successful diets in that it provides no exercise regimen, whether cardio or resistance training.

It was created by an internet marketer and entrepreneur named Gilbert Rafael Fuentes, who has marketed several different online diets.

The program is inexpensive compared to many other diet programs, but that lack of expense is in large part due to the fact that it provides no support whatsoever. You receive the diet program and then you are on your own.

Fatloss4idiots Review Diet

The Fatloss4idiots diet is an
extremely simple, easy to understand program. Once you have purchased the program online, it presents a list of 23 proteins and 23 vegetables, with the vegetable category also encompassing a few starchy carbohydrates such as oatmeal and pasta.

The dieter is instructed to select anywhere from 7 to 15 out of the 23 choices, and once those preferences have been indicated, the program puts together an eleven day meal plan to be followed.

There are very few recommendations or rules; you are instructed to eat four meals per day with no less than two and a half hours between each meal. Portions are not specified other than the instruction that you are to eat until you are just shy of being full.

There is a list of beverages that are allowed, which include diet drinks, coffee and tea, water and any other liquid with ten calories per glass or less. You are allowed a single glass of wine per day and like most diets that really work, you are instructed to drink at least ten glasses of water per day.

Condiments are allowed as long as they have no calories. The 11 day meal plan is essentially broken down to lean proteins, fruits and starchy carbs, and the calorie shifting is essentially alternating days that are a protein to carb ratio of 8 to one with days where the ratio switches to 4 protein to 5 carbs.

The theory is that the manipulation of the different macronutrients tricks your body into burning calories at a higher rate. Following the 11 day meal plan you are told to spend three days eating anything you want. After those three days you can begin the meal plan cycle again for as many times as you'd like.

Fatloss4idiots Review Does Work

The Fatloss4idiots diet is
one of the most popular diets available online, and there are many testimonials and comments claiming success with the diet. But the diet makes claims that you will lose 9 pounds in eleven days; many diets for quick weight loss like this are either unrealistic, unsafe or the weight loss may be unsustainable in the long run.

That being said, the diet is simple to follow and is nutritionally sound.

There is strong appeal to not having to count calories or carbs, and although the diet provides no support at all, if all you are looking for is a plan that is simple to follow and doesn't require any kind of exercise, this may be the right diet for you.


Fatloss4idiots Review