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Ideal Protein Diet Reviews

Ideal Protein Diet Reviews

The Ideal Protein Diet was
developed by French doctor, Dr Tran Tien Chanh, to allow French Olympic athletes to lose weight fast whenever necessary. It has since become a bit of phenomenon in the diet industry and has consequently caused many critics and Ideal Protein Diet Reviews. It has been likened to the infamous Atkins diet, and is also similar to the South Beach diet.... but is it really like all other protein diets? For a start the diet can only be done under strict medical conditions and using processed food packs which are mixed with water. Does this sound tempting?

Ideal protein Diet Reviews - What is the diet really?

The Ideal Protein Diet is a
four phased plan, with the forth phase leading you into your new low protein lifestyle. The principle behind the diet is to improve the health of your pancreas. By reducing carbohydrate intake the body is forced into burning fat stores to provide energy. Blood sugar levels remain more stable therefore pancreas has to do less work. By improving the health of the pancreas during the diet, when you eat carbs again your body will then release the appropriate dose of insulin.

Phase 1

Ideal Protein Diet - Phase 1. Phase one of the diet involves only eating the protein meal packs provided by the Ideal Protein Diet administer. You must stay on Phase one until you have reached 80% of your goal weight. This phase is a diet for quick weight loss and puts your body into a state of ketosis. Some Ideal Protein Diet Reviews have associated hunger, dizziness, bad breath and headaches with this phase, while others have stated no side effects. As the amount of time you have to spend on Phase one is dependant on how much weight you have to lose, some Ideal Protein Diet reviews state that it often feels difficult to see the end in sight!

Phase 2

Once you have reached 80% of your goal weight, then you move onto phase two. Your body is still in a state of ketosis. This
phase introduces some 'real' foods rather than just the packets, however it still closely resembles Phase 1 as you still do not eat any carbohydrate. Some Ideal Protein Diet Reviews have stated that they reduced this phase to one week rather than two.

Phase 3

At last
carbohydrates are introduced again. As with most diet plans to lose weight fast with limited food variety, the introduction of new foods is rewarding. You can now eat fruit and a little bread. Your body will no longer be in ketosis at this point. This phase lasts for two weeks.

Phase 4

Phase Four of the Ideal Protein Diet gets you on track for your new eating formula. As with all good diet plans to lose weight fast, your food mindset and habits must be changed. Basically, a meal that is
rich in starchy foods should contain little to no fat and vice versa. You do not need to separate carbs and proteins if the proteins contain no fat.


cost of doing the Ideal Protein diet is an average of $80 a week for supplements, plus the costs associated with the physician.

More Criticism

This diet is a very restrictive diet. The foods are limited, and also checking in with a physician and being constantly monitored may soon become a burden. Continued below....

Most good diets for quick weight loss allow variety, yet still have excellent results. Why would you put yourself through this?

Another problem with the Ideal Protein Diet, is that unlike other diets that work fast you can't cheat on this diet.

Cheating will cause insulin production and while it may not cause an immediate change in weight gain (leading people to feel like they can cheat more) it will hinder the pancreas healing which is the whole basis of the diet for long term weight loss.

The cost of the diet is not excessive, but it is still more than you would have to pay if you were on a diet for quick weight loss which did not require the protein packs to be purchased, and instead relied on quality foods.

My advice is that
this diet screams too much work! There are plenty of diet plans to lose weight fast which will educate you about food, and which are related to your metabolic type.

As a dietician and personal trainer, these are the kind of diets I recommend for my clients and that I would recommend for you.